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DUX JONES - MUNCHIES - Official Video

"MUNCHIES" by DUX JONES, 3rd Installment off of "Loser Lemonade a Psychedelic Trip







DUX JONES - KING - Official Video

"KING" by DUX JONES, 2nd Installment off of "Loser Lemonade a Psychedelic Trip


DUX JONES - BELOW - Official Video

"BELOW" video introduction by DUX JONES, 1st Installment off of "Loser Lemonade a Psychedelic Trip




BELLA BIZELLE - You'll Never Know




Working Hard EP is a progressive 4 track compilation written and produced by Rai and Tay.

Both from Detroit, Tay now lives in Atlanta but the two bounce their ideas back and forth through various forms of digital media. Each letting the other be themselves, the end result is always unique. With the great feedback they received from their indie R&B creation, "What I Never Told You", the duo is excited to offer up the next step in their collaborative relationship.

Minimal and a bit more downtempo, "Working Hard" speaks of rediscovering the self after a broken heart. The title refers to the fact that sometimes its hard work to get yourself to that place again. "Star Man" is a bit of an escape. Woven with Rai's personal theory on ancient astronauts /(0__0)\, the line between fact and fiction gets blurred in this spacey story. The curiously titled, "Belly" is simply a fun sound scape. If you've ever had a case of the butterflies-- you feel it in your belly, but it's all about the heart. Lastly, "Jazz Hands" is a sad tail of loss and reflection-- stripped down and organic, keeping the rawness of the feeling in tact.



Rai's expertly crafted melodies and lyrics take you away while Tay's unique production pulls you back in. You'll want to listen again and again. Combining flavors of electronic, soul, trip hop, hip hop, and pop the two have created their own brand of Indie Pop.









Klockin tells the tale of a young lady who wants nothing more than to enjoy life and her friends. As the story progresses we find that Bella has an ulterior motive, which is to hypnotize and mesmerize her male interest. By the end of the story he is completely spellbound, and no man has a right to his own fate when Ms. Bizelle casts her spell.


DUX JONES - Pourin It On

The highly anticipated NBA2K11 was released today and FrontStreet Records own Dux Jones song  ‘Pourin It On’  is featured on the game. With the legendary Micheal Jordan on the cover this game has already b

een labeled a classic and is expected to be the highest selling game in years. The 27 song soundtrack is beautifully done featuring songs from heavy hitters like Snoop Dogg, The Game, Drake, Big Boi, Kid Cudi, Asher Roth a

nd of course Dux Jones.

The song ‘Pourin It On’ has recieved lots of love over the airways and is in constant rotation on Detroit’s FM98 and FM95.5. With his new found success Dux is commited to getting his music heard and encourage kids to further their education after high school. Dux will be performing on Oct.12 from 4pm to 6pm at West bloomfield High School with Brilliance and Jesse McCartney hosted by FM 95.5 with Mojo in the morning for the ”Text To Pledge” Campaign to keep kids motivated in school. 

Dux will be premiering his video for “Pourin It On” at Lucky’s Bar & Grill in Novi on Oct 12 hosted by DJShortstop & the Bomb Squad. His single release party will be held at Elysium Nightclub downtown Detroit on October 8th.